Trade with innovations of the construction industry

Transparent and elegant architecture using glass

Octatube specialises in complex glass façades and glass roofs. The glass building material enables maximum transparency of the surface and slim and elegant designs for architects and building owners. The company with headquarters in the Netherlands has more than 30 years of "design & build" experience with challenging architectural designs and has a high international reputation.
Octatube with its 5 specialist departments can realise construction projects "in-house" from the design to the completion. The interdisciplinary collaboration of all departments guarantees innovative and reliable results.

With Octatube, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Designers and engineers at Octatube have a wide range of experience in the areas of statics, building construction and civil engineering, mechanical engineering as well as architectural and industrial design.
  • In-house production of stainless steel and aluminium components
  • Equipment for manufacture and tests of prototypes and for mechanical tests of structural components and other construction products
  • Transport of the glass and structural components from the factory to the construction site
  • Installation and completion of the building project on-site
  • Service and maintenance services