Trade with innovations of the construction industry

Versatile and modern light metal façades

Aldowa is one of the most advanced providers for sophisticated roof and wall claddings made of light metal and stainless steel. The Dutch company provides its special façade elements for both infrastructure installations as well as any type of building. Aldowa does not supply any standard products, but only custom work for particular shapes, dimensions, colouring, markings or relief-like formations. All façade panels are developed, produced and installed by Aldowa itself. They can be divided into three basic groups: "Free Form", "Sublimation Printing" and "Relief".

Range of products and services

Competence for challenging design tasks (2D, 3D and BIM)

  • Designers and engineers at Aldowa have a wide range of experience in the areas of statics, building construction and civil engineering as well as architectural and industrial design.
  • In-house production of stainless steel and aluminium components
  • Efficient logistics
  • LEAN planning and working methods reduce waste and drastically shorten the production and construction time.
  • Installation planning and installation on-site